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"Great service and fantastic support from connorstevens Lorre and the rest of the team. I highly recommend hyper for any new groups transitioning to paid. Very exited for them to roll out some of the new features they’ve been working on"
"Awesome. 5 Stars. Two Thumbs Up. Discord banned my account, which unfortunately was the owner of my server, so my server went down with it. (it was a mistake on their part and they gave it all back two weeks later). However, 500 paid members, of course I was in panic mode. I immediately opened a ticket with hyper, and within 10 minutes, created a new server, and I have no idea how they did it, but they clicked a magical button, and every single member in my hyper dashboard started popping up in the new server. If it weren't for them being so quick & awesome, who knows what would have happened... I could have lost everything. Instead, business is thriving! TY Hyper "
"Probably the easiest thing I've set up in a while, I went from 0 knowledge to having my own website setup with a fully functioning dashboard in no time. Couldn't recommend this enough to beginners and experienced users alike"
"I’ve thought the idea of a perfect dashboard was impossible though Hyper brings that to reality. Pleasant and clean user interface and devs always evolving it."
"and 6 months later I have exited beta smoothly. The hyper team was helping me with mass key deletion & kicking the beta members past midnight. Hyper to the moon And on top of that they also helped me when Stripe was giving me issues with my account not being eligible"
"support team are great! quickly solve your problems and help you with all your questions. 10/10"
"The support team are great, always answer all my questions. Ben even spent time on a call with me to go through everything."
"I’ll be real, Ben and a few others are mad good at what they do. Hyper is one of the most sleek things I’ve used in ages. Mad respect to you guys for also constantly updating and providing new features"
"the best... what else do you have to say?"
"GREAT SUPPORT! When ever I need help or have a question they always respond fast and help me out. I have opened countless tickets and they have remained patient and helpful this whole time. Not to mention the amazing dashboard and how easy it is to use and set up. Literally a 10/10!"
"I started on hyper for about a month then switched to a cheaper provider. Within 2 months, I switched back to hyper because hyper is just so much better. Interface is organized and very clean looking. Customer support is very good, ticket always answered within minutes."
"Really impressed with the dashboard, the pricing, and the support to provided by the staff here. They helped me seamlessly migrate from another Stripe based dashboard with all customers still intact. Compared to other providers, Hyper is superior as a cost effective solution, especially for servers such as ours with a small user-base. The dashboard itself is lightweight and free of unnecessary frills, offering admins an unhindered, fast responding interface to manage their server. I look forward to the development of Hyper and can't wait to see what the team has planned for the rest of the year "
"super useful tool; great response rate by staff and were able to help me out a lot!"
"hyper makes it so so so easy to have a license system and it is the best dashboard for sure. they give us developers such powerful tools."
"man hyper changing my life"
"Phenomenal support, transparency and a big name behind them as well. Bar features that are in development, there's not a single thing I can critique fantastic work"
"One of the best dashboard's ever created. Very easy to navigate, and create releases. The Hyper team is very helpful, and reliable. So glad I chose Hyper over any other dashboard. a - Blade AIO and Blade Notify Team"
"Oh - and almost needless to say that the dashboard itself is just awesome. Great design, well integrated with Stripe, high-speed performance and extremely intuitive. Who thought that managing Discord subscriptions can be that easy?"
"A single message won't be able to describe our journey with Hyper so far but you have to believe me when I say that **this team and its solution is more than excellent.** We had very special requirements as we came from a very ****** dashboard and needed a solution which helps us in managing our subscribers accurately and efficiently. The Hyper team did not only do a tremendous job in making everything ready for us but also helped us onboarding, launching and migrating our users to the dashboard. And what should I say? We had an issue rate of less than 2% during the migration and could manage those extremely fast with no user left behind. On top of that, Hyper helped us in meeting all requirements to run our server in a safe environment. So for everyone who is not just looking for a great dashboard but actually for a flexible solution which is developed and managed by a capable and customer-focussed team: **Hyper is the choice!** We're very grateful to be your customer and look forward to a very successful future."
"One of the best decisions we have made for our business. With any company, it is important to know where to and where not to sacrifice. The dashboard is often times one of the initial experiences customers have with your business, a first impression. Hyper sets a professional and high standard, which truly makes all the difference to users. Behind the dashboard stands a team of hard working individuals who want nothing more than to see you succeed. There simply is no comparison to the quality of support and effort the whole Hyper team gives everyday. Overall one of the best resources all of us in this community are honored to have access to. All of this is why I not only use Hyper for my own business but couldn't recommend it more highly to anyone else. "
"I switched to Hyper and became carter girlfriend"
"I switch to hyper and got a girlfriend"
"Hyper support team is crazy fast, way better than launchpass ahah love you guys"
"Hyper is the only dashboard you need for your business. Simple, easy to use. With hard working developers and owners."
"Hyper is legit the best dashboard out there.We've been using it for free for months now, and I really appreciate that, because it helps small bots grow.The team is really helpful and always kind. Except for Darrienrock he sucks!My only suggestion is to switch names back to Metal Abs. "
"They are very helpful love it! Been using the dashboard for a little while now"
raf4 kay
"very good dashboard"
Cubed Industries
"Since August 2020 I've been a long fan of this organization. Seeing how much they have grown since is truly incredible. Hyper to the moon "
"Support is great! I love that you guys are constantly adding new features and improving. Great work so far, I'm nothing but pleased with y'all"
"the ease of quick release is really great"
"Have been in a ticket for a while. The boys helped me a lot. They are always very friendly and they have patience You will not find any better service than Hyper. Thanks a lot to the whole team, keep up the good work."
"the quick release is goated"
"Ben Is da homie, hyper is da homie, Gian da goat"
"simple, easy, goated"
"Let me tell you straight -- Hyper is the *only* dashboard you'll ever need. (don't waste your time with anyone else)- Hyper is the only dashboard with a full-time engineering team. If something isn't working, it's fixed immediately. Not "later" or "when I get time".- Best support in the game. Your question will get answered at 2:42 AM when you're exhausted and should be asleep. - The only dashboard that actually delivers on their promises. When Ben and Gian start talking about a new feature, you'll see it in production extremely soon. No more waiting around for features.- Beautiful UI and UX. Hands down the best in the game, nobody comes close.- Your suggestions become reality with Hyper. Within reason, Hyper has added every feature I've seen suggested in the past 2 months of being here. No other dashboard is doing this.- The dashboard literally takes 30 seconds to sign up and gain access to. No more "busy until next month" or waiting in a ticket to sign up.Don't waste your time or money anywhere else. The answer is Hyper "
"Ben the g helps you out 10/10"
"Best Dashbaord on the market! The support is a 100/10! I love it"
"Just had an in issue in the ticket, and Hyper staff were quick and very responsive in assisting me, best dashboard company out there 10/10. a"
"Honestly love it. 10/10 their customer support is perfect and always helpful"
"Great dashboard provider, the v5 dash looks amazing. They always implement suggestions within a few minutes. Their api took 20 min to integrate into our software. Whenever I open a ticket they already are typing before I even get to say what my question is. 11/10 a"
"Good Support That Helps Me with !!!"
"Good support and system working well"
"I wish they take less % but uh EVERYTHING ELSE IS EXCELLENT. The UI is incredibly easy to use and releases creation is pretty easy too. All licenses are organized In one place so basically the admin has total control. The API is also really helpful for bot authentication as well as other forms of key verification"
"I love Hyper, they have one of the best support team in the sneaker reselling community and the best dashboard I have ever seem. The support team be answering all my stupid questions without getting tired of it or sounding annoyed Hyper is the best NO KIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"
"10000/10 love it so faaaast"
"Great People, amazing customer service. I would give them 100/10 if I could"
"Awesome service. They forgived my stupidity that I did last month with their service. 10/10"
"I couldn't get better than Hyper! i have tried countless amounts of dashboards in the past and NOTHING has what Hyper can offer, the speeds, the simplicity, the constant updates and the constant attention to detail is what makes Hyper stand out in a market of so many things, every question i have ever had was answered swiftly and efficiently never have i had a question left unanswered or a problem unsolved, there always pushing to improve and work on suggestions from myself and others and they really care about what they do and how they do it. They supported me through my entire server move and all my issues with stripe and re integrating new accounts and updating licences, Meta is not only the best dashboard system out there but there also an amazing help to owners of groups, bots and communities, believe me when i say you wont find better than Hyper, 10/10 "
"Amazing Customer service! 10/10! They have helped so much! if you say this is not the best dash your weird cause it is!"
"Amazing 10/10 quality. They anwser all my dumb questions and are so nice. Have an amazing rate for this nice dashboard. They fix bugs in minutes and every update is amazing. Will never use a different dashboard"
"This team and dashboard is unlike any other. I got my bot's validation and payment system completely setup in 1 day, even with a connection issue I was experiencing! The team helped me all through the development process, and when I opened multiple tickets with issues I had, they helped me quickly with great customer service. Its only my first day and I already love Hyper!"
"easy to use, good staff, and great features love Hyper"
"I was recommended Hyper for Zeus FNF. No regrets, dashboard is simplistic and straight forward. On behalf of Zeus FNF i thank all staff members here at Hyper for putting effort and dedication in this superb platform !"
"Hyper good. very easy."
bigboii 🍑
"Just transferred my entire discord from a different dashboard to Hyper with 1k members in 1 hour and everything is setup perfectly. Simplest and fastest onboard process ever with the best customer service around. The team is also always adding requested features faster than any other dash I've used. Ben is the goat"
"The team helped me personally with any issues I had and with so many clients, I assume they are regularly busy so quite good on them for that. I wish the Hyper dashboard was a little more feature rich in terms of customization to make it easier to work with but so far its been great."
"Amazing customer service, super friendly and helpful. They are never rude or angry, in fact they help even with silly questions. Big up the Hyper team"
"Imagine having your discord banned. Launchpass couldnt do anything for me when I got my discord banned. But wanna know who was there to help me? Ben and Gian were there to help me. After all I did to Hyper(DDoS, botting them was never intentional btw), they still helped me with the nicest attitude. They transferred all my members to my new server and helped me rebuild. If you think about switching from Hyper, dont. Hyper is one of the best dashboard providers in my opinion. I had over 450 members and they transferred all of them to my new server. control freak and Galena were also very helpful. Control freak helped me get my Restock Flippers back, and Galena helped me rebuild my server as he was my staff in my server. Honestly, I think Hyper is one of the best dashboard providers. After all they done for me, I owe them alot. If you ever lose your discord or server, you can rely on Ben, Lorre, and their AMAZING support team! Most of my members still havent joined my group but Lorre is coding a script to help me with that! I cant believe that Lorre is coding a script and putting in more work just to help me and everyone else. I really enjoy Hyper dahboard and I dont think I will be leaving Hyper in the long run. The best dashboard providers period."
"Quality service, so helpful and easy to use amazing support. Would reccomend to anyone a"
"Had easily solvable issues that I couldnt figure out by myself cause I'm silly dumb, but tickets were always replied to very quickly w the most helpful support, ty "
"Im ngl as a owner of a Hyper bot yall really upped up the security lol. But fr Hyper is one of the best dashboards I've come across. Very easy to manage licenses, and such a helpful and amazing staff team.Yall are fr incredible"
"Spent over 4 hours trying to design a website for my group, then found Hyper! Great work."
"There simply couldn't be an easier dashboard to use for any group/bot owners. Its so sleek, easy to use, the stripe integration is absolutely flawless. Its saved me an absolutely ton of time manually managing subscriptions.The team work insanely hard around the clock to keep everything moving. Always updating, adding new features. Replying to tickets in seconds. The list goes on.Credit to the entire team at Hyper. Incredible job!"
"I don't think I can express how wonderful the people and business of Hyper is. For starters the dashboard is fantastic. Responsive, modern, intuitive, and most importantly, HAS A DARK MODE! Not many dashboards do and and having to spend more time on it then other websites as it's a dashboard, it's a nice relief on my eyes! Secondly the staff here in my experience have been friendly, fun, humorous, and understanding (Mostly of all my stupid questions). The fees they charge for transactions are very reasonable and support a platform that deserves more recognition.I can't speak more highly of the team and how nice Ben and Gian are to have handled my ticket personally. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk lol"
"Love working with Hyper, one of the best customer support I have ever experienced. They are always looking to add new features and actually listen to their members"
"Hard working, efficient, the list goes on and on. From the moment I joined I loved Hyper. They truly listen to the user base and are working to improve it on a daily basis. Love y’all"
bigboii 🍑
"ben and the Hyper team truly goats. requested features become reality faster than any dash i’ve ever used. customer service on another level"
"Hyper "
"100/10 All stresses of creating dash and authentication taken away"
"Where do I begin, Hyper is the best monetisation solution for anyone out there! They're extremely affordable, reliable and their support and community surrounding them is the best of the best! They offer some great services including a super user-friendly API, easy landing page integration and stock management utilities, as well as a tight integration with Stripe for seamless payments. If you're looking for a Dashboard look no further than these guys, they really do show you how not all high quality products come at an extortionate price. Ben and Gianluca are extremely talented individuals and really do take the communities opinion first with frequent and useful updates and patches! If you're starting up a new Community, or trying to migrate from an old Dashboard, look no further than these guys - they're quite frankly the best! PS "
"10/10 Amazing deal, extremely helpful and easy to use"
"honestly its a 10/10 for like super helpful and patient. would give them a kiss"
"Another day of stress, another day of being saved by Ben and Lorre .Quality service, 24/7. Dealt w/ multiple dash providers I can confidently say Hyper is #1."
"Awesome, easy to use dash, probably the cleanest Ive seen! If your still on Launchpass or ShreyAuth, or literally anything else, youre doing something wrong. Ben and Lorre are the best owners by far, and care abt their members! Would def reccomend to anyone"
"This server is god tier, owners and devs are so passionateIf you're not in here, idk what you're doing"
"Meta labs is not only an incredible dashboard, but incredible staff members! The help and support they give is unmatched! Shout out to Hyper!"
"#1 - Lots of these other subscription managers or dashboards have many limitations, Hyper is perfect and im never planning on switching - so perfect that ive completely forgot about fees!If you are a group owner and don't use Hyper, sorry to say it, but you are stupid (:"
"Literally the best all around, awesome customizable dashboard and amazing support! What else can you ask for?"
"Words cannot describe the goodness of Hyper , If there are 10 out of 10 , I will give "
vinci (comeback?)
"Absolutely amazing! Perfect for any beta bot/group/etc. who is looking for an affordable alternative!"
"The best dashboard, with the best pricing system. Simple and easy to use rest API for all our software as well!"
"Good stuff. Was able to easily create a script to migrate all of my users from my own auth over to Hyper. Thanks for the help!"
"way better than my last dash(shrey). Great support, got my dash set up in day, 100% recommend, ill be adding another dash soon. Cant wait to see how big you guys get!"
"I like this system a lot better than pickup staff off botmart/tidal, this is definitely on the affordable side with optimized UIs and easy to use and understand systems, it's only been a few days but I'm enjoying it."
"Recently started, felt welcome from the first conversation with staff. I can see me and this system going a long way. 10/10 so far!"
"Great support, easy dashboard to keep memberships. Great api for licensing"
"10/10. Prompt and very efficient, thank you so much a"
"Ben is 10/10 . Worked all night long tonight helping me with a huge subscription error my members had. Saved me over four figures... thanks is an understatement."
"Amazing dashboard, I love it so much, would recommend to anyone. 11/10"
"Great support and an amazing dashboard! Love it all"
"I needed a manager for my keys and my licenses for a bot within the snesker game. It was more the concern of creating a big money framework than managing all the keys, authentication and payments. I found out about Hyper and in one afternoon I published the beta of my bot."
"Fast support. Great servers. Nice ui. Features added upon request. Wonderful integration. 10/10 Def the dashboard I will be using when YummyAutomation goes paid."
"Just started using this dashboard, and all I can say is WOW.It’s super easy to use, and has a beautiful user interface. I LOVE that there are no startup fees. For small startups like myself, I’d much rather pay a small fee every transaction. 10/10."
"I really cant say enough good things about these guys.. I have worked with Hyper since June 2019 (before it was even called Hyper) and have always been pleased well beyond expectations with both the customer service and products they provide. Problems are always resolved quickly and professionally and we have had very close to 100% uptime with our tools."
"Very good team guys.You are very helpfull everytime and very nice to us By far best dashboard. a"
"Great support team. Helped us set up the dash and answered all questions as well as quickly got all of our members transferred over from our old dashboard. Awesome service"
"Absolutely love the Hyper team. Great support and always have a fix for a solution. By far the best dashboard I could ever ask for!"
"Hyper is the best dashboard that money can buy. They are way more affordable than dashboards such as TL and Shrey Auth. Their support is within a couple minutes. The dashboard is easy to access with an amazing Ui. Respect"
"These guys are THE best. The dashboard is cheap, super easy to navigate and covers all bases. They are constantly working and adding new features. You can trust them to handle your group. The support is instant, they really do not sleep"
"The owners are very responsive and easy to approach, and the dashboard UI is top-notch! Looking forward to the future, working with the best Dashboard provider on the market. They helped us migrate in less than 12 hours and everything was perfect"
"Hyper is the best dashboard provider out there. The team helped us migrate from one dashboard to another in less than a day. They answered all of the questions or concerns that we had. The admin panel looks amazing and is easy to navigate to manage your licenses, members, and your releases. Alongside of that, restocks are seamless without any server crashes or lag. Support is very good unlike other developers that may take days to even reply. I wouldn't hesitate having Hyper as being your next dashboard."
"The only S tier dashboard solution. The dashboard itself is amazing. Very straightforward and clean design. Aside from that Ben and Lorre are very active and interact with their clients daily. Pricing is extremely competitive and fair. Improvements and updates are constantly being pushed and they are always listening for suggestions."
"x2 Hyper dashboards... and thinking about a third !"
"The fastest and nicest support, absolutely recommend them! Looking forward to work with them :)"
"Extremely helpful, quick setup and support is great!"
"Nasan is speaking facts"
"11/10 exceeds expectations they do everything for you, havent had this much help from other dashs etc an amazing experience"
"Extremely helpful, had a small bug on my dashboard, but the staff went above and beyond to find a fix for me. Also very easy to use once you get the hang of it"
"Insane dashboard and insane support, really helping the small companies"
"Totally legit and an incredible staff"
"Super super super legit and useful!"
"**10000/10!!!** Would very recommend, they are active with instant support. Any problems or questions...they finish and find the solution asap. Great team and Dashboard looks sick"
"Best support, quick fixes. No issues setting things up with these guys."
"Goat owners. Quick responses, 10/10 dashboard for a competitive price. No complaints. Highly recommend!"
"Very friendly owners, fast responses also the dashboard looks insane and is cheaper than other dashboards you can get free trials for testing"
"Ben is the actual goat. The customer service and support he provided was actually incredible. He responded to all my questions and concerns very quickly and set up my dashboard in a day! Hyper dashboard are 100% the best."
"Ben always make sure we are taken care of ! Excellent flawless service, fast responses, fast setup, these guys know what they are doing and go the extra mile, in a friendly relaxed way. Not only is service expert and fast but price is fair. Lorre is amazing ! Extremely professional and is dedicated to making Hyper dashboards the best."
"I'm more of a behind the scenes guy, but whenever I've ran into issues or have questions on certain aspects, Ben cleared them up for me. Really glad I chose this as my dashboard."
control freak
"Ben is the goat, one of the best developers who responds when you message in your client ticket. Not one of those developers where you ask and you get a reply in a week, and makes you grow impatient. He has good communication skills, and builds off whatever you suggest to make it even better. Wouldn't hesitate going with Hyper for your dashboard needs. Also, did I mention the dashboard looks clean af, and has many user friendly features?"
"Ben is unbelievable man. Communication was literally amazing and the service is the best I've had. These guys are pristine and I wouldn't hesitate to start another project with them. Quality of the dashboard is 12/10. He was very patient with us and the process was very easy and fast."
"Ben helped me so much understanding it all and got it setup stupid fast. Every cook group owner / bot owner i'm friends with uses Meta. Its no question, Meta is the best dashboard in the game. I cant get over how amazing everything has been. I love the dash and I love the team here."
"Lorre helped me to make my discord server much easier to use and added so many useful features, 10/10"
"Lorre Is amazing! Trust him more than anhything and his products absoloutley bang! Couldn't reccomend him more!"
"They're just so attractive, both of them. I don't even care about the dashboards, I'm just so desperately in love with them."
"Would highly recommend. Very good."
"Great people to work with! Answered all my dumb questions and guided me through the whole process. Anytime I wanted something changed they instantly changed it and were great to work with. Lorre and Stray were a pleasure to work with and i’m looking forward to continue working with them!"
"Best tools on the market"
Wayve Shadow
"I've used Lorre for probably almost a year now and Ben for quite a few months now and for every project I ask for I'm blown away with the results. They are one of the few who actually listen to their clients feedback and act upon it. Whenever I need help they are always quick to respond and help me through my inquiries. I've been using Lorre's AIO discord bot for the longest amount of time now and I've gotten lots of compliments myself on how helpful it is, and from my side I'm blown away at the quality of it, especially for the price. I think I have a lot of what they developed, discord bot, monitors, dashboard etc and I've seen lots of updates, maintenance fixes, and quality boosts. It is always a great feeling logging into the dashboard and seeing a better version of it, or something you request actually gets put into it. I've asked for a lot of custom projects to be done for me and my group and every time I ask they are quick to respond and act upon it quickly to get it done. Honestly to keep this short and to the point, Lorre and Stray are great developers, their content is amazing, and overall I couldn't be more satisfied with the work they have done for me."
"I had the pleasure of working with Lorre who designed me a custom bot in a very timely fashion. He was extremely professional and an excellent developer, who went above and beyond my expectations when designing and writing the bot. He walked us through step-by-step to make sure the bot was just how my team and I envisioned it, which I really appreciated because it is sort of niche! I also briefly spoke with Ben who was just as professional and pleasant to work with.I will absolutely be coming back to these guys with any of my bot needs, and I can't recommend them enough. Thank you guys, again!"
"Lorre and Ben are both amazing developers. They have worked on many projects for me over the past few months and they have always exceeded my expectations. Their subscription dashboard is amazing and very simple to use. Im honored to be the first person that implemented it."